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Working the @alice973 secret show with Sarah and Vinnie and the morning show crew broadcasting. Such a fun event! (at Cavallo Point: The Lodge at the Golden Gate; Fort Baker, San Francisco Bay)

20/20 Experience



JANUARY 19, 2014

Concert # 114

Justin must be the most impressive story of a white former boyband member with the most amount of swag a decade later. I went to the JT and Jay Z  stadium tour last year however this show of just JT was a must go! He didn’t even have an opening act. There was a DJ for maybe a half hour at the beginning but other than that, JT opened for himself and even had an intermission between the first and second half of his show. I guess this does make sense considering his 20/20 Experience album is split into two halves so why not have an intermission and play more of the new songs on this tour. I recall every show of his being the most bang for my buck because he performs more than a normal full set and is entertaining the entire time.


For this show I went with Bianca and Jen and we had really great lower level seats near the side of the stage. When he came up the stairs on the side we got a really close view of him. Then mid-way through the show the stage raises and moves from the front to the back slowly so everyone in the arena has a nice closer view of him at some point. This was definitely worth what I paid for these seats!

You definitely brought SEXY BACK JT!


Write this down…

  • Be on time: Usually I like to get to shows at least 30 minutes prior anyways, however for this show since there’s no opening act, make sure you get there on time.
  • Seat location: If his tour is set up the same, at some point everyone in the arena will have a closer view of JT once the stage starts to move towards the back of the room.
  • Drinking: It’s fun to have a drink at a concert but make sure your nearest bathroom is easily accessible so you don’t miss too much of this show. JT’s shows feel like a party that he’s inviting all of us to so have a drink and cheers to a great time!
  • Ticket Presales: I live by always buying tickets during presale because I don’t want to risk good seats being taken or for the show to be sold out. Over the years there have been multiple types of presales (fan club, credit card, website, presale codes) and the first one isn’t always the best. Unless it’s the fan club one. If you have a fan club presale this will ALWAYS be the best so get them! Other than that, the credit card presale is usually next and I’ve found that it’s possible to get good seats but for this specific show I waited until the next one which was the one with a code and I ended up finding closer sections and seats. Since there’s a certain amount allotted to each presale and general public ones, you just have to use your best judgment.


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